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Welcome to triplethreat_x, the graphics journal of Connie {x___conniieee} and Kirstin {fairylanterns}. Here you will find mostly icons; however, there may the occasional header or wallpaper. A majority of the graphics will focus on sports, but are certainly not limited to that. We make graphics of other fandoms such as House, One Tree Hill, Scrubs, The Office, etc. We hope you like what you see! ♥

01. CREDIT the maker, followed by "[@] triplethreat_x" in the comment area.

02. COMMENT if you're taking any graphics, have any questions/feedback.
03. NO HOT-LINKING, please. Upload the graphic elsewhere.
04. NO EDITING. You may ask me if you would like something changed.
05. NO REDISTRIBUTING. I will find out :)
06. REQUEST POSTS are made occasionally. Do look out for them!
07. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. & let the love spread ♥

Want to look through all the past icon posts without always having to click "Previous 5"? Look through the memories. Or are you looking for a specific fandom? Check out the tags and you just might find what you're looking for!

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